The Mayflower Municipal Health Group (MMHG) is a municipal joint purchase group for health, dental and life insurance that organized on July 1, 2008, pursuant to MGL Chapter 32B, section 12 .

The MMHG is governed by a General Board that is comprised of representatives from each of the 31 governmental units with each unit having one vote. The MMHG also has a 9 member Steering Committee with six members that are elected by the General Board. The remaining three members of the Steering Committee are appointed and include one from the Massachusetts Teachers Association, one from the Professional Firefighters and one appointee from the Plymouth County Retirement Board. MMHG is the first and only joint purchase group to have organized labor representation on a Steering Committee. 

The MMHG also has an elected Treasurer and a three member Finance Committee. 

Mission Statement

The Mayflower Municipal Health Group offers high quality plans with low premiums and is the premier option for public health insurance in Southeastern Massachusetts.